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Is your project ready to go? Are you still working out the details? Do you need to create a budget?

Just send us your project information in the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

If it's too complicated to fill out the form, call us at 212-675-1128 ext 111.

Project Name, Date and Quantities
Ad, book, display, flyer, form, invitation, poster, postcard, stationery, etc.
(not required, but very helpful)
Open size, finished size, number of pages
Number of colors on front / on back, CMYK or PMS, varnishes, laminations or coatings
Type, weight and finish? Brand or grade (if known)? Separate cover and text?
Saddle stitched (side stapled), perfect bound or other? Any die cutting, foil stamping, blind embossing? How big? Registration?
How will material be distributed? Do you need shrink wrap? Special packing? Combining with other items?
Please explain unusual or Mixed in Details
Please explain unusual or Other in Details
if applicable
Any corrections needed? If we are to scan: how many, what size, from print or transparency? If supplied: what type (TIFF, JPEG, etc), what resolution?
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